St. Patrick’s Day: A Quick, but Heavy Chug of its History

Here is a quick read on why the Irish take March 17 seriously with heavy chugs of beer.

Who is Saint Patrick?

Before we go into the activities of the date, let’s answer this question first: who is the man behind the festivities? Much tales have grown from the original tale of St. Patrick. It was said that he had an enchanted walking stick that can even grow into a tree. Although this interesting story is only fiction, the real St. Patrick was indeed someone to be admired and celebrated.

Born of a wealthy family in England, St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and brought to Ireland as a slave of pagan Celtics. For more than ten years he embraced Christianity until he was finally deported back home. There he studied the religion and later returned to the land where he was imprisoned in order to successfully bring many Celtics to Christianity. March 17 is now the popularly acknowledged day of his death.

Oddly enough, the celebration became popular first in America starting 1762 when Irish soldiers initiated the very first parade in New York. Immigrants and soldiers merrily cheered for this holiday all over the world until Ireland had its very first national St. Patrick’s Day Festival in 1996 after the country began the parade only in 1903. Now, the day grew into almost an entire week!

Why All the Drinking?

There can be a lot of reasons why one would happily drink on St. Patrick’s Day. The most known reason how the tradition of heavy drinking and chugging started can be seen in the Catholic calendar. Usually around March, the church nears the end of lent; hence, people are finishing up their abstinence, penance, and/or fasting and are getting closer to celebrating Easter. Let’s face it: the best way to celebrate is often with a bottle of cold beer on one hand and a warm plate of good food on the other.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Any Time!

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