Draft vs Bottled Beer: Which is Better?

There are times when you’re in a pub after a long day and you simply want to get a nice cold glass of beer; but then the waiter or bartender asks if you prefer draft or bottled. You might already have a preferred drink, but why not take an extra glance and see if there’s a better flavor for your taste buds or mood? Going back to the question, which is better: draft or bottled beer? What’s the difference between the two?

Impression and Preservation

Many people order draft beer because of its initial unique texture and eventually smoother taste compared to bottled beer. This is not entirely true because it will depend on one main factor: carbon dioxide. When draft is initially poured to a glass, the carbon dioxide immediately flows out, causing one to immediately feel the frothiness of the beer. Bottled beers, however, are more flexible with carbon dioxide since you can control how you pour or drink it.

There is no doubt that bottled beer has a longer shelf life. Draft beer can lose its flavor and expire faster because it didn’t go through pasteurization before being stored, unlike bottled ones that usually go through the process first before being packaged.

Kind of Beer

There are beers that are best served fresh and those that can afford more preservation for a deeper taste. Hence, the best way to settle this argument is to determine which kind of beer do you prefer. Since draft beer prides itself with a fresher, crisp taste, it is perfect for light lagers and dry, hoppy ales. American pale ales, for instance, are best served cold and fresh.

If a beer has a strong, thick taste, usually yeast-driven, and has high alcohol content, then more aging works wonders to its rich flavor. Bottled beer is highly recommended for Belgian beers, barley wine, and German Weizenbock.

Another important thing to consider when choosing between draft and bottled beer is the pub or restaurant where you’re drinking. Here at McCullar’s Irish Pub & Grill in Arlington, Texas, we serve both the freshest and well-preserved beers according to your taste, so drop by with friends and family and see which kind of beer deserves a cheers.