Debunking the Beer Belly Myth

A lot of commercials, fitness books and magazines, websites, and infographics have told you that if you consume beer a lot, your stomach will bloat or you will absorb too much cholesterol through time, eventually developing the monstrous beer belly.

However, more and more research are debunking this long, cautionary tale — and cheers to that!

Every time you hold a bottle or glass of beer and you take a second to worry about the looming paunch, remember that calories are the problem, not exactly the beer. The next thing that you have to keep in mind is that calories are found in food and drinks. Hence, if you consume huge kegs of beer, you will most likely gain weight. This goes the same with consuming other things. If you eat a whole basket of sandwiches, you will also gain weight.

Belly as a Collateral Damage

Why the fuss about the belly? First off, any form of alcohol, whether wine or beer, does not go straight to your belly. It just so happens that as people age, more calories need to be burned. However, aging also decreases your hormone levels and slows down your metabolism. The result: a gradual accumulation of fat not only in the middle area, but also in the thighs and arms.

Gaining Weight Thru Drinking

What we cannot argue is that alcohol has the tendency to increase your appetite. It is also undeniable that a bottle of beer and a slice of pizza, chicken wings, fries, steak, or other fried foods complement each other. Hence, if you really want to count calories, the heaviest denominators are the food.

Chill and Have a Bottle With Us!

Although counting calories and worrying about your belly can be stressful, sometimes it’s still best to take it easy on yourself and enjoy great company. Come and join us here at McCullar’s Irish Pub & Grill situated in Arlington, Texas as everyday we host friends and families share stories with a gastronomic menu and a wide selection of beers.