Are Beers Better Served Warm or Cold?

Here at McCullar’s Irish Pub & Grill, we serve beer at the right temperature that it’s meant to be drunk — and it’s not always served ice cold. Contrary to what is shown in movies and commercials, beer does not have a staple temperature.

You see, temperature greatly affects the flavor and texture of any food and drink. Every kind of beer has undergone a certain kind of process and contains various ingredients that can be enhanced or drowned with temperature.

As a general rule, the colder the drink, the lesser one can discern flavor. On the other hand, warmer drinks tend to have more pronounced taste. If this is the case, then why not make all beers warm so we can savor all of its flavors? The answer is simple: cold beer is refreshing. Still, there are certain ways on how best to appreciate one’s drink. Read on to learn more.

When Does it Need to Be Cold?

After a long day from work or walking under the sun, many people would agree that nothing beats sitting back and enjoying an ice cold beer. Famous brands like Coors, Budweiser, and Heineken advertise this scenery because beers like these are more on texture and feeling rather than taste. This is why lagers, pilsners, light beers, blonde and golden ales, and many crisp-flavored beers are recommended to be served cold.

Just be careful when certain beers become too cold that the bitterness and carbonation will be enhanced rather than masked. Also, it is better to have them refrigerated than served with ice to avoid diluting the alcohol in water.

Which Beers are Best Served Warm?

When drunk warm or in cool cellar temperature, the hops in certain beers can bring out a wave of overlapping tastes. It would be such a waste if instead of savoring the rich caramel, nutty, oaky, bitter chocolate, citrus, and fruity flavors of a well-brewed ale, you’ll end up with a single light bitter taste. This is why we recommend that stouts, dark and amber ales, IPAs, and dark, stronger lagers should be served warm or in room temperature.

Still, be careful when a beer gets too warm, it may lose its texture and spirit, resulting in a flat-tasting beverage.

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