Beer Myths That Might Have Changed Your Drinking Habits

Order one round of your favorite draft because after reading some of these myths, your next beer might be a new flavor.

MYTH #1: Beers in cans are bad.

To set the record straight, drinking beer from a bottle may look and feel as cool and as badass as Chuck Norris or Sylvester Stallone holding a lager in a bar. However, in reality, beers in cans are actually more preserved than those in bottles.

Cans prevent light and oxygen from skunking and changing the beer’s taste. If you don’t agree with the feel of the can in your hand and the metallic taste, pour your brew into a glass.

MYTH #2: Beer is best served cold.

Beer, unlike revenge, is best not served cold. Although a nice cold Brewster or an ice-frosted mug feels and might even taste great as it touches your lips, many experts say that beer is more flavorful when warmer; to be more precise, 46 to 50 degrees F warmer.

MYTH #3: Be careful in drinking beer in foreign soil.

If you’re travelling or if it’s your first time in a country, water is often your first concern. This is why experts say that local beer is safer than local bottled water. You can be rest assured that in whatever country, beer undergoes a lot of process before being served; and in that process, the bacteria has been eliminated.

MYTH #4: Lose weight with lite beers.

An average lite beer has 90 to 100 calories, while a regular one is under 200. If you count the calories and weigh it with the lack of flavor and texture that you will have with drinking a regular beer, chances are, the difference might not be all worth it.

MYTH #5: Beer is bad for you.

As many conservatives see only disease and deterioration in beer, a growing number of health experts are proving that it is also a healthy beverage. Hops in beer contain xanthohumol, an antioxidant that is said to be more potent than the elements found in soy. Also, beer has folic acid, which is shown to prevent heart diseases.

As we say here in McCullar’s Irish Pub & Grill, every flavor of beer has a story to tell—whether it’s a legend, myth, or a hard shot of truth. Visit our pub here at Arlington, Texas for your regular dose of authentic Irish pints and food — the perfect destination for chilling with friends and family.