7 Reasons Why a Glass of Beer is Good for You

Other than serving as liquid courage, beer is also good for one’s health. In fact, many health experts and studies now claim that a glass or two of beer every day can actually keep the doctor away. It is all about drinking the right kind and, of course, the right amount. Below are some of its many benefits that you can mention to your friends the next time they say that beer is not a healthy option.

  • Digestion – Beers, especially dark beer which is more packed with hops, has fibre, an important factor for digestion. It also has other digestive aids i.e. pancreatic enzyme and gastric acid to help prevent constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion.
  • Vitamin B – Beer is a healthy source of B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, B6, and B12. These nutrients are essential for combating nerve diseases as well as psychological, especially depression and anxiety.
  • Kidney Aid – Recent studies show that regularly drinking a moderate amount of beer lowers the risk of acquiring kidney stones by up to 40%. This might be because beer contains magnesium and potassium, drinking it encourages urine flow, and it helps in excretion of calcium.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – A Harvard study claims that men who drink beer moderately, or roughly one to two glasses per day, are 25% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Beer promotes insulin sensitivity.
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Another study shows that women who drink beer in moderation are likely to have lower blood pressure and less prone to hypertension compared to those who prefer cocktails or wine.
  • Less Heart Problems – Apparently, wine is not the only alcohol that can be good for the heart. Numerous studies prove that beer can lower the risk of heart disease by 40-60%, given that the person drinks in moderation, of course. Dark ale and stouts are particularly rich in vitamin B6 which is prevents heart diseases.
  • Cure for Insomnia – Say goodbye to milk as dark beers i.e. stouts and dark ale are the latest proven night caps. These types of beer contain sleep promoting chemicals such as nicotinic acid, dopamine, and lactoflavin.

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