Which Beer Goes Best with Each Meat

Chicken vs Beef vs Pork vs Fish

For many people, the union of chicken and beer on one table is the marriage of the century. For others, nothing beats British sensation of fish and chips and a cold Brewster on a summer afternoon. Meanwhile, hard-core meat lovers can attest to a perfectly grilled beef or pulled pork and a nice bottle of beer.

If you’re into discovering new combination of beers and meat, or you’re trying up the ante in your next drinking session, here are some tips on combining food and liquor.

  • Chicken — Chicken dishes, like fish, are often softer to the palette compared to other meat. This is why according to Men’s Fitness, if you want to enjoy both your meal and your drink, choose beers that will not overpower the rest of the flavors. For easy picks, we recommend starting with light German lagers or pilsner, or to be specific, it’s hard to go wrong with Stella Artois or Blue Moon. For buffalo wings, you can also go for pale ales.
  • Beef — Beef and beer are hard to mismatch. If you want to enhance the juiciness of a grilled steak, try red ale or porters. If you’re up for burgers and you want to preserve all its flavors, including the cheese, you can go for a pale ale or pilsner.
  • Fish — In most choices of fish dishes, the safest drinks you can get are similar to that of the chicken — light lagers or pilsner. You can go with a heavier lager or with brown ale for fish and chips. The trick is not to overpower the fish’s lightness in the tongue and to compliment it with a rich, textured drink.
  • Pork — As for pork, whether pulled pork or any dish for that matter, it is highly recommended to go for the sweeter kind of beer. You can go ahead and ask our bartenders and experts for a wide selection of sweeter beers that can complement smoky and roasted flavors.

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