Tips to Help Avoid Getting Drunk Quickly

Drinking whether with friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances can be both fun and challenging, especially if one can’t hold his liquor well. In case you’re less of a social drinker or are in need to stay longer in an event or gathering with alcohol involved, here are some tips you can keep in mind to avoid getting too intoxicated.

  • Avoid drinking with an empty stomach. When your stomach is full or has enough food inside, your enzyme has ample time to digest alcohol. On the other hand, if your stomach is empty, alcohol will be less digested and more will head to your bloodstream, leading to a faster intoxication.
  • Control your alcohol intake. Sip and drink, don’t chug. Learn to savor the alcohol’s flavors and in doing so, you have a higher chance of lasting longer in social drinking.
  • Avoid chugging or drinking contests if you know you’re not going to win. Better yet, avoid chugging contests altogether. They are risky in terms of getting drunk and maybe even getting into heated arguments. If your purpose is conversation and more on formal or social drinking, then this is definitely not the way to go.
  • Make sure that you have tested out the waters. Before drinking outside, it is better to know your limits inside the house with family or close friends. It can mean a lot of difference to know whether you can handle three or six bottles or if you are more into beer or hard liquor.
  • Protein can help slow down alcohol absorption. For bar chow, it is highly recommended to eat small cuts of meat, cheese, food with eggs, and nuts.
  • Try to alternate alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Once in a while try drinking juices or water to avoid constantly taking in booze. Also remember not to mix and combine various types of liquor because that will definitely not help in getting sober.
  • Avoid quietly drinking. It’s a social gathering so get social! Stay active. Standing up once in a while, walking around, and talking to people helps lessen your awareness or consciousness of the effects of alcohol.

In the end, never forget that alcohol is still there only to ease tension and aid camaraderie. The best way to enjoy beer is still with friends and family in a place where you are comfortable. If you’re after the simple comforts of good food, good company, and a good ambience, then visit us here at McCullar’s Irish Pub & Grill located in Arlington, Texas.