Common Irish Phrases

Here is some common Irish Phrases that we thought was fun sounding.

A Whale Of A Time” – This is a very simple expression to explain how much fun someone had after an event or a night out on the town.

The Jacks” – While in the United States it is referred to as the restroom or bathroom in Ireland it is called either “The Toilet” or “The Jacks”.

Donkey’s Years” – Simply translates to a very long time since there is no exact length of time associated to this.

The Press” – In the Texas we may refer to this as cabinets in our house or business.

Wrecked” – Means very tired or worn out from a having a large night out in the local pub.

The Boot” – Traditionally refers to the car’s trunk.

Pint of Gat” – Is another name for a common Irish Specialty Drink i.e. Guinness.

Ossified” – Is commonly referred to as being wasted, drunk, not functional.

Chips” – In Ireland what we call french fries it what they call chips and what we call chips is what they call crisps.

I’m Gunna Head On” – Means we are going to leave and go to another place.

A Shuck” – Traditionally refers to a ditch that runs along the bottom of field.

That’s a Fret” – This is common a expression or saying of disbelief.

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