Do These Beers Match Your Personality?

Among drinkers, there is a growing idea that one can tell a person’s inclination and personality by what kind of beer he/she holds. Although these suggestions have not been proven by sheer facts and purely unbiased statistics, they might make you nod and grumble at the person beside you. Do these beers match their personality? How about yours?

  • Budweiser — The most common stereotypes of them all is the Budweiser drinker: the no non-sense person who is ready to follow and march for the star spangled banner. Often associated with right-wing principles, trucks, and basically hard core patriotism, people who drink this brand of American lager are said to be practical, disciplined, and determined.
  • Blue Moon — As quoted in an article, “Blue Moon is craft beer for people who have never had a craft beer.” Opposite to Bud drinkers, people who enjoy this brand are said to be more passive, yet opinionated about world views, more inclined to purchase organic or environment-friendly items, and are the faux or new hipsters of this generation. Still, Blue Moon is still pretty good, but maybe more inclined to the younger taste.
  • Bud Light — By name, Bud Light drinkers are similar to those who drink the original Budweiser: often labelled as disciplined and/or with respect to authority. The difference is that Bud Light drinkers are said to be the modern-day, more sociable counterparts, with stereotypes leaning towards frat boys, politicians, or young, friendly officemates. This might be because of its lighter taste and lower calories.
  • Heineken — Although many people see Heineken drinkers as the flashy or ostentatious kind, there can still be something positive in this. Think of Heineken drinkers as people who tend to care about themselves a lot, and that includes what they drink. They can be more up-to-date and brand conscious than most people as well.
  • Corona — Think of Fast and Furious: cruising down the road with your top down; scenes of South America or Miami flashing across your eyes; and the beach, with a Corona and sand between your toes. That’s the feeling this brand always emanates. If you’re a Corona man, then there is a high chance that you enjoy parties, adventure, and at the same time chill drinking with friends and family, or should we say ‘la familia.’
  • Guinness — This classic dark stout is all about rich flavors and unique texture. Whether for enjoying the more bitter taste of beer or celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day on any day, Guinness drinkers are often said to be adventurous, creative, wiser, and at the same time gentler.

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